VoIP phone solutions use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver your phone line over your internet connection, instead of a traditional ‘landline’. This technology has been especially useful through the lockdowns, enabling teams to collaborate from home.

However, we soon won’t even be able to go back to traditional voice calls because the ISDN network we all know better as the ‘landline’ will be switched off in 2025. Which means we all need to move our calling solutions to an internet based service like VoIP. Otherwise, there will come a point where your lines simply go silent and never ring again.

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What are the advantages of VoIP and how can VoIP help my business?


Voice over IP services allow users the freedom to add telephone numbers to existing systems, regardless of where staff are working from, and you can keep your existing phone numbers too.

Using a data protocol known as SIP trunking, your internet connection acts as a digital pathway for your voice communications. All while maintaining your existing hardware, which protects call quality and allows you to add new capabilities to your current system, improving it even further with instant activation and a far easier experience for admins managing the solution.

You also have the advantage to go completely wireless too, by using a simple app on your mobile device or computer. Having the freedom to use your mobile phone allows staff to be anywhere at any time and never miss a call.


All you need to make and take calls is access to the internet, simply a broadband or mobile data connection you can log in to your VoIP system and make calls all over the globe. That means your team can work just as effectively from home as they would in the office.

This is also highly favoured by those who travel frequently, as they can carry their office phone line anywhere they go, or even moving business locations while retaining the same number.

One of the great benefits of using VoIP for business is the ability to automatically forward messages and faxes directly to your email, never missing a message! Some VoIP services even transcribe your voicemails and send them to you as an email, so you can read your messages and prioritise who you get back to first.


In addition to making calls, your VoIP system also provides you with the opportunity to carry out all your video conferencing needs, 3-way calling, call forwarding and free voicemail!

This enables you to keep up to date and in touch with your colleagues and clients without having to worry about being physically present. You can also benefit from the auto attendant feature, which allows the operation of a business to operate smoothly without the need for physical running.

Allowing you to stay connected with your customers no matter where they are based.


As you are connecting via a broadband, you won’t need any extra hardware as you would with a PBX. This in itself is a huge advantage as businesses usually require multiple phone services which can be a huge cost.

Set up costs incurred due to the need for on-site installation as well as physical hardware costs can be significantly reduced. Having a VoIP solution also allows the freedom to add additional lines as and when required without the additional set up costs, thus allowing businesses to grow and save! Plus, many VoIP services include features, like call recording, caller ID and as standard.

Call costs are considerably lower, in comparison to a traditional circuit-switched telephone too. this is because you’re using the internet to make phone calls the data carriage costs are lower making VoIP calls a significantly cheaper solution whether it is locally, long distance or even internationally.

What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

  • A reliable internet connection is always required, as the system is completely internet reliant. Which means if your internet or Wi-Fi connection is not high enough quality or has interruption’s, this will affect your phone lines and the quality of calls made.
  • This can cause many issues for any business that operates with phone lines being used regularly.
  • Emergency situations that may arise can be difficult to deal with if you experience a loss of connection as the VoIP system will not work, requiring the need for a backup phone.
  • In some case security issues may arise, such as malware, spamming or phishing.

Should I choose a VoIP phone system for my business?

The downsides are significantly lower than the advantages and can all be managed, choosing Jutel for VoIP we understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide.

Our dedicated staff invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have. Ensuring a smooth, efficient service to get you set up and ongoing support you may need.