There are many reasons to embrace Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology that routes voice calls over your internet connection.

VoIP is a perfect way to equip remote workers to make and take professional business calls from anywhere. It also makes your business more agile, by allowing you to add (and remove) users with just a couple of clicks.

It’s cost-effective, too, both in terms of call costs, which are often cheaper than ‘landline’ alternatives, and the fact that it removes the need for on-premise PBX equipment.

And what’s more, with the ISDN switch-off on the horizon, all businesses will have to adopt VoIP telephony sooner or later. Make it sooner and you’ll start seeing the benefits of better communications ahead of your competitors.

VoIP from Jutel

One thing to note as you consider new all-IP telephony is that VoIP is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different solutions. They can range from a very basic Skype-type service to sophisticated Unified Communications (UC).

An experienced supplier like Jutel will work with you to make sure you get the very best VoIP solution for your needs and budget. Our own VoIP solution is flexible, accessible and packed with key features that make business communications more efficient and productive.

Here are the Jutel features you need to know about:


Call Ring / Call Hold / Call Transfer / Call Divert / Call Queue

Our VoIP solution comes with a full menu of powerful call management features, helping to ensure greater customer satisfaction. Calls can be queued, transferred to different colleagues when lines are busy, or diverted to a smartphone or other device.

IVR / Auto Attendant (Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support etc)

An auto attendant lets customers choose the department they need, without the need to go through reception, leading to speedier call resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction. IVR – Interactive Voice Response – lets customers interact with your business in routine ways (checking an account, paying an invoice) without ever having to speak to an agent. That gives customers the kind of self-serve functionality they want, and at the same time frees up agents for more complex calls.

Mobile Phone App / Softphone

One of the key benefits of VoIP is its flexibility. Our VoIP service gives you a mobile phone app which turns any smartphone into a business tool, and a softphone app that means you can make and take calls from a desktop or laptop computer. It all means your team need never miss an important call again, while at the same time potentially saving you considerable sums in equipment costs.


If you can’t answer your phone, you at least want to give callers the ability to leave a message. VoIP from Jutel offers voicemail at no extra charge.

Voicemail / FAX to Email

With our VoIP, you can automatically forward voicemails and faxes to your email, so you never miss a message.

Ring Groups / Hunt Groups (Unlimited)

A ring or hunt group is a feature that allows you to advertise one number to customers, but distributes calls to that number to different members of a team. For example, customers might ring your service helpline, which then diverts the call to one of a list of relevant employees. Jutel VoIP offers unlimited hunt groups, so you can set one up for every department in the business. Hunt groups are part of an automated system that diverts calls without needing a person to do it manually.

Pickup Groups

Members of a pickup group can answer any extension in the group from their own phone, allowing you to take a call for a group member who isn’t present. Again, this increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring calls are always answered.

Out of Hours

Our out of hours services let you route calls that arrive after normal operational hours to an on-call employee, your mobile phone or direct to voicemail. They can play a custom message outlining your opening hours or directing callers to your website. In other words, they give callers options, whatever the time of day or night.

Conference Facility for Internal / External callers

As the opportunity to meet colleagues and customers face-to-face has dwindled, the concept of telephone conferencing has become increasingly important. Conferencing simply lets you talk to a group of people rather than just one. That can facilitate internal team meetings and external calls to customers involving several people. A conferencing facility, like the one included with Jutel VoIP, is even more important if you have a remote or hybrid workforce.

Call Stats and Reporting

It’s important to gather data on your telephony service so you can make improvements and create new efficiencies. For example, keeping track of the time it takes to answer calls is important because customers who wait too long can become increasingly frustrated. Similarly, knowing how many calls are actually answered and how many are diverted to voicemail is another proxy measure of customer satisfaction. Tracking this data can help your business do better, and Jutel’s VoIP solution includes a wide range of call statistics and an easy-to-use reporting function.

Per Second Call Billing

With our VoIP solution, you’re only billed for the precise amount of time you spend on a call, rather than by the minute. There are no call setup charges – you only pay for the time you’re actually connected.

Free Porting for UK Local Numbers

Implementing a new telephone system and having to change your telephone number is a huge inconvenience that could actually lose you customers. Don’t worry, Jutel will port your old local number to your new solution for free.

48 Hour Lead Time (From Order Confirmation to Completion)

Getting up and running with VoIP from Jutel is simplicity itself. In fact, you can be using the service in just 48-hours, and that includes setup, handset configuration and training.

Put it all together and Jutel’s VoIP solution is a powerful telephony solution that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. For more information, please get in touch.