What is a VOIP phone system and how does VOIP work?

A VOIP phone system use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver an internet based telephone service.
VOIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication then transferring it through the internet.

What are the key benefits of a VOIP phone system?


A VOIP phone system allows users the freedom to add telephone lines to existing systems regardless of where you are physically located, activation is fast and ongoing maintenance is significantly easier than your traditional telephone systems.

That’s not all however, you also have the advantage to go completely wireless too by using a simple mobile app on your smart phone or computer. Having the freedom of using your mobile phone for your VOIP phone system allows the flexibility of being anywhere at any time and never missing a call.


All you need is access to the internet, using a simple broadband connection you can log in to your VOIP phone system at any time and make calls all over the country and the globe.

This function is highly favoured by those who are required to travel a lot as you can carry your virtual number anywhere you go.


One of the great benefits of using a VOIP phone system for your business is the ability to automatically forward messages and faxes directly to your email, never missing a message!

In addition to making calls, your VOIP system also provides you with the opportunity to carry out all your video conferencing needs, 3 way calling, call forwarding and free voicemail! This enables you to keep up to date and in touch with your colleagues and clients without having to worry about being physically present.

You can also benefit from the auto attendant feature, which allows the operation of a business to operate smoothly without the need for physical running. Allowing you to stay connected with your customers no matter where they are based.


As you are connecting via the internet, you will not require the same hardware as you would with a traditional PBX system – this in itself is a huge advantage as businesses usually require multiple phone lines which can be at huge cost.

Set up costs are minimised as there is no need for an on-site installation and call costs are much lower when using a VOIP phone system as you are using the internet to make phone calls with data carriage costs being comprehensively cheaper for both local and international calls.

What are the key features of the Jutel VOIP phone system?

  • Call Ring / Call Hold / Call Transfer / Call Divert / Call Queue
  • IVR / Auto Attendant – Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support – etc
  • Mobile Phone App / Softphone
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail / FAX to Email
  • Ring Groups / Hunt Groups (unlimited)
  • Pick up Groups
  • Out of Hours Operations
  • Conference Facility for Internal / External callers
  • Call Stats and Reporting
  • All calls are billed per second with no setup fee per call
  • Free porting for UK local numbers
  • 48 hour lead-time from order confirmation to completion, including setup, handset-configuration, and training.

The Jutel Added Value for your Business Telecoms


As a specialist business telecommunications provider, we are large enough to offer a high quality, bespoke level of account management and support, yet small enough to remain agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.

We do not have call centres, phone calls are answered by people who know and care about your business, and we are always available out of hours immediate technical support.

Account Management

We offer proactive daily account management and will flag / automatically bar any users who are incurring spend. We also provide monthly account reviews on your business telecom fleet and in turn provide insight and recommendations on how to best save money as standard.

Online Billing

We have developed our own billing platform, ATOM, so you could say we are the billing experts when it comes to telecoms!

The most important benefits of the billing platform for your business telecoms fleet are:

  • Access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – log on at any time to view your account from any device.
  • Up to date information – in addition to your monthly invoice you will be able to track your usage and spend throughout the month giving you a preview of your upcoming invoice before it has even been generated.
  • Alerting functionality – you can set your own individual spend and usage limits so that you can be alerted if you hit certain thresholds.
  • Easier to interrogate bills – you can really quickly filter your usage to find particular calls or to see what charge types you are incurring costs on.
  • GDPR Compliant – your information and data is completely secure within our portal.
  • Self-service functionality – you will have the ability to amend your address and usernames within the system without the need to phone or e-mail us. With 24/7 access you can complete these changes at your own leisure or you can still speak to us if you need any assistance.

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