It seems a long time since we were all walking around with Blackberry phones in our pockets, and these days Apple is the mobile manufacturer of choice for many businesses. The latest iteration of the iPhone – iPhone 12 – adds to the devices’ reputation as the smartest choice for business customers who want the very latest features and the fastest operation, in a future-proof phone that oozes style.

Why is the iPhone 12 suitable for a business mobile?

iPhone 12 gives you everything you’d expect in a premium business mobile, and considerably more. It combines excellent battery life and a crystal-clear, OLED display with lightning quick wireless charging and the A14 Bionic – the fastest chip in a smartphone.

What does all this mean for business users?

It means you can video conference, edit documents, plan time and take pixel-perfect product photos more smoothly and seamlessly than ever before, and you can keep doing it all day without running out of juice.

What are the key features of the new iPhone 12?


5G isn’t exactly widespread at the moment, but it won’t be long before coverage is present throughout the country. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition, especially if you live or work (or, if you’re a remote worker, live and work) in a connected city centre. If 5G is available in your area, iPhone 12 will find it, boasting up to 20 5G bands and up to 32 LTE bands — more than any other smart¬phone.

Superfast 5G speeds mean no video stutter, instant document downloads and just an altogether more satisfying mobile experience. Get 5G enabled now and you have a mobile solution that will future-proof you for years to come.

Ceramic Shield

The new Ceramic Shield protects your investment with four times better drop performance than their previous screens, so not only is it tough, it’s also more scratch resistant. Which means fewer breakages, fewer claims on insurance and fewer trips to the local repair shop for a screen swap (so that means fewer security risks, too).

Plus, it means the resale value will be higher when you finally choose to upgrade, though with 5G and such a drop-protected enclosure, that could be mid-decade if you look after your devices.


LiDAR (or ‘Light Detection and Ranging’) uses lasers to judge distances and depth. That can help improve your photography, and it really opens up mobile Augmented Reality (AR) for business. See products, prototypes or mock-ups in situ and get a real feel for how they interact with their environment, and it’s also great for measuring spaces when a tape measure isn’t to hand!

Dual SIM

Dual SIMs enable you to use your iPhone 12 for both work and business, while keeping the two numbers entirely separate with a dedicated SIM and phone number for each, stopping your pockets from sagging under the weight of two phones!

Why talk to Jutel about iPhone 12 for business?

Yes, iPhone 12 is available from almost any provider, so why would you come to us? Because Jutel is a dedicated provider of business mobile solutions. We’re not a consumer facing company with a business wing tagged on. We’re all about business services, and we’re hugely experienced at finding the right deal for our corporate customers, including unlimited data plans.

At Jutel, we bridge the gap between service providers and network operators. We’re large enough to offer a high quality, bespoke level of account management support, and small enough to remain agile and responsive.

We also operate our own industry leading billing platform, allowing us to offer complete flexibility in terms of tariff, rates and how the bill itself is presented. Our ATOM platform includes detailed data analytics, giving you valuable insight into your communications spend, and a range of self-serve options, like call barring, spend alerts and SIM swaps.

And when you order iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max from Jutel, you can bundle together a range of complementary services, from best-in-breed mobile device management service (for enhanced security and cost control) to flexible, cost effective VoIP. Added together, we can produce a bespoke business mobile plan that is exactly right for your organisation and saves you money.

All in all, the iPhone 12 is the ideal business phone, with the power and features that can put you one step ahead of the competition. Plus with Jutel on your team, iPhone 12 can become the hub of an agile, effective business mobile strategy.