In the last year or two, you may have heard the terms ‘VoIP’, ‘hosted telephony’ or ‘cloud telephony’ promoted as a way to future proof your operation…

The long and short of it, is that it’s true. In 2025, Openreach will deactivate the landline network, meaning businesses and consumers will require an internet-based calling solution to stay connected.

But there are many other benefits to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that can help your business grow faster and easier. So, here are some of the more nuanced benefits that you can take advantage of in 2022, well before the fated ‘Switch-off’, by adopting a VoIP system:

Custom IVR messages

The time your callers spend on hold is brimming with opportunity. Many VoIP providers (including us) make it super-simple to record your own custom IVR messages, for example “pick 1 for X, Pick 2 for Y…”

Not only do you have the option of detailing the services you have available, but you can use it to upsell premium products to callers who are already showing an interest in your business and what it sells.

Furthermore, the right IVR experience will help produce happier customers that are better engaged and less likely to ‘blow a top’ when they reach a service agent, so it’s a win-win for all!

Virtual numbers

One challenge that every marketing team has is equating marketing investment to sales won but with virtual numbers, it’s a doddle!

Working with Jutel – (we can’t be sure about other VoIP providers) – means you can leverage unique virtual numbers for different campaigns, or segmentations within campaigns …

For example, if you’re targeting multiple industries, using different numbers for each vertical makes it easier to assess demand, and shift resources to the industries that are showing most interest.

And for smaller businesses, you could even run multiple virtual numbers to the same person to enhance corporate credibility and give the impression the business is larger than it really is!

Rich analytics

Especially if you’re operating a hybrid working model, with members of your call centre team working from home regularly, then maintaining awareness across their productivity can be a challenge.

With a VoIP system, you can easily monitor and track call statistics, such as call times, wait lengths and more, using a 24/7/365 accessible web portal, complete with real-time graphs that give you a single-pane overview of your entire call centre.

This makes it far easier to react to changes pressures, enable you to maximise productivity by reallocating resources to where they’re needed most. Plus, all call recordings are securely stored, and only a few clicks away, for any further staff training or development.

Reduce costs

While the main catalyst for business growth is increased sales, another (arguably easier) way to hit your growth targets is by reducing costs.

VoIP services typically save businesses a significant amount, sometimes as much as 30%, compared to legacy ISDN services – the same that will be switched off in 2025.

So, not only can you take advantage of a wide range of new functionality, but you can reallocate those saved resources to other aspects of the operation, allowing for bigger marketing budgets and more effective sales drives.

Lastly, our billing system makes it easy for you to keep on top of your VoIP services, usage and costs…
here’s how:

  • Access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
    Log on at any time to view your account from any device.
  • Up to date information
    In addition to your monthly invoice, you can track spend through the month, giving you a preview of your upcoming invoice before it’s even been generated!
  • Alerting functionality
    You can set your own individual spend and usage limits so that you can be alerted if you hit certain thresholds, such as data usage or spend.
  • Easier to interrogate bills
    Quickly filter your usage to find particular calls or to see what charge types you’re incurring costs on.
  • GDPR Compliant
    Your information and data are completely secure within our portal, so you don’t have to worry about data loss from your billing platform.
  • Self-service functionality
    Amend account details without the need to phone or e-mail us at any time, from anywhere.

All told, you will have to upgrade to a VoIP solution at some point before the switch of in 2025. So, why wait? Upgrading now means you can adopt a robust remote working strategy and cut outgoings while maintaining visibility across productivity and costs!

Speak to us today or call 0333 00 69696 to discover what VoIP could mean for your business!