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How can I manage my bills?

To be fully GDPR compliant all invoices are stored within the customer portal where the customer can log in and download their latest invoice.

How do I pay my bills?
We will collect your bills via Direct Debit.

Business Mobiles

Can I keep my number?
Yes, you can port your number over and keep the same number.
Can I buy hardware?
Yes, the latest model, all brands with next-day delivery service.
Can I keep my existing mobile number?
Yes of course! All you need is a PAC code from your previous provider and we will transfer your number over.
How soon can I get a new mobile phone from you?
We offer most models (iPhone, Android etc.) on a next-day delivery service.
Can I choose which network I would like to use?
Yes of course! We are partnered with the largest UK networks (O2, Vodafone, EE & Three) and can offer the best possible network for your individual needs.
Can I have international minutes?
Yes – we will always select an appropriate tariff that works best for your usage, including any international calls and usage.

VOIP Phone System

Can I keep my existing number?
Yes of course – we can simply arrange to port existing your number over to us.
Can I use my existing IVR/auto attendant?
Yes – we can either use our automated default options or we can upload your personalised greetings.
How quickly can I get set-up?
Set-up is usually completed within 24-48 hours.
Can I use my mobile for my VOIP phone system?
Yes – you can access your VOIP phone system using a mobile app at all times.

SIP Trunks

What do I need to get set up?
A good internet connection is all you need.
What is the call quality like using SIP and what happens if my internet goes down?
If you have a strong internet connection, calls made over the internet will be indistinguishable from traditional telephone line calls. If your internet goes down at any point we can transfer all calls to another line such as your mobile.
Can I keep my existing hardware?
Yes, of course!
Can I combine my office and remote users?
Yes – we can combine your SIP and VoIP to allow the use of all soft phone features.

Business Broadband

What broadband is available to me?
We would perform a post code check to know which service is available in your location.
How fast will my broadband be?
Depending on how far you are from the telephone exchange the speeds will vary, we would offer a speed check when setting you up to find the best option for you.
How long will it take for me to get set up?
Set up usually can take 4-5 days depending on the status of your premises phone line.
What do I need to set up broadband?
A phone line, a router and micro filters for your phone socket.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

How many devices can we have on one account?
As many as you need!
Does MDM affect my ability to add applications to my phone?
No, you will be able to access apps of your choice unless otherwise requested.
What happens if we opt out?
All data stored will be wiped and personal data will remain on the device.
What information will be accessed on my phone?
Information about your device such as the manufacturer, model, software version, serial number, storage space, battery charge level, IP address, MAC addresses, phone number, installed applications, data consumed, and location are all available. Personal information such as messages and photos are not accessible.

M2M & IOT Solutions

Can I tether my M2M sim?
Yes, you will not have usage restrictions.
How long does set up take?
Set up is near enough instant and we offer next day delivery service.
Do you have a limit on how many connections you can have?

No, we offer services to all size businesses.

Is 4G and 5G available?
4G is available across networks. 5G is not yet available across all networks.

Networks we work with

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