Network Availability

We are a trusted reseller of all 4 of the major UK mobile providers (O2, Vodafone, EE & Three) and can therefore provide you with a cost-effective business mobile solution that brings together all of your connections under one roof.

The key here is that we can provide you with a complete service that will manage all of your business mobile usage on each device and most importantly provide you with one simple bill each month.

In our experience, we tend to save customers anywhere from 15%-25% on their business mobile monthly bills by going through us rather than direct with the major UK networks.

Bespoke Tariffs

We are uniquely placed to offer the most bespoke and personal service that we feel other mobile providers promise but fail to deliver on. We operate with complete transparency, diligence and straightforward honesty, everything we do for our customers is geared around flexibility of their individual needs.

We are a customer driven but service led organisation and proud to be different in our sector. As such we are proud to be able to provide truly bespoke rates for your business, helping to target specific areas of high cost and usage for your business.

Our base business mobile voice tariff includes unlimited standard UK/EU minutes and unlimited standard UK/EU text messages. Standard minutes are denoted as calls to UK landlines (01/02/03 prefixes), calls to UK mobile networks, calls to voicemail and calls within the group. Standard texts are denoted as SMS to other UK networks.

Shared Data

Managing personal data plans across your entire workforce can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially as teams grow or when users regularly exceed their allotted data allowances.
By combining all of your individual data allowances into one shared data pool, sometimes known as an ‘aggregated data allowance’, you only have one account to keep on top of. That’s why shared data plans are the perfect way to overcome increasing complexity with your business mobiles whist minimising spend.

Roaming Options

As standard, all your users will be able to access the Jutel World Travel roaming option. This option allows all voice users full access to their UK bundles and allowances in over 100 countries outside of the EU.
This charge is only applied upon the first instance of usage in any day – if no usage is made then no charge will apply. Unlike many other roaming options, users will not be penalised if they have a large spike in data usage during a single day.

International Calls

Should you have users who are required to makes calls from the UK to Abroad, we can apply our International Caller bolt on to individual lines which will provide savings of up to 90% on standard UK to Abroad rates. This bolt on is completely flexible and can be applied and removed as needed on a month by month basis.

Alerting & Barring

We are able to offer the ability to apply alerting thresholds to certain types of usage which can help to keep the costs of any call charges, over and above the inclusive bundles, to a minimum. These thresholds can be applied at a user level, and therefore tailored to each individual call profile.

The areas/call types where we can apply these thresholds include:

  • UK Data in MB
  • Roaming Data in MB
  • Total Data in MB
  • Total Data Spend in £
  • Total Usage (Voice and Data) in £
  • Duration in Minutes
  • Volume of SMS Barring
In addition to the thresholds detailed above, we can also apply automatic bars in line with these thresholds being hit which will limit any further usage on the users in question. This adds another level of resilience to the usage capping and cost management.

We also have the functionality to bar users for particular types of calls to allow for even greater control. An example of this would be barring a user for UK to Abroad calls which would restrict the user at the network from making these types of calls and therefore running up any costs.

Hardware Availability

You can buy hardware from us directly at any point in your contract
– this gives you the flexibility to get the latest devices as and when they come out and most are available on next day delivery.

The Jutel Added Value for your Business Telecoms


As a specialist business telecommunications provider, we are large enough to offer a high quality, bespoke level of account management and support, yet small enough to remain agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.

We do not have call centres, phone calls are answered by people who know and care about your business, and we are always available out of hours immediate technical support.

Account Management

We offer proactive daily account management and will flag / automatically bar any users who are incurring spend. We also provide monthly account reviews on your business telecom fleet and in turn provide insight and recommendations on how to best save money as standard.

Online Billing

We have developed our own billing platform, ATOM, so you could say we are the billing experts when it comes to telecoms!

The most important benefits of the billing platform for your business telecoms fleet are:

  • Access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – log on at any time to view your account from any device.
  • Up to date information – in addition to your monthly invoice you will be able to track your usage and spend throughout the month giving you a preview of your upcoming invoice before it has even been generated.
  • Alerting functionality – you can set your own individual spend and usage limits so that you can be alerted if you hit certain thresholds.
  • Easier to interrogate bills – you can really quickly filter your usage to find particular calls or to see what charge types you are incurring costs on.
  • GDPR Compliant – your information and data is completely secure within our portal.
  • Self-service functionality – you will have the ability to amend your address and usernames within the system without the need to phone or e-mail us. With 24/7 access you can complete these changes at your own leisure or you can still speak to us if you need any assistance.

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