Deciding on a provider to supply and manage all your business mobiles is a tougher decision than you may think…

Of course, you could go with one of ‘the Big 4’, but with so many customers and targets to hit, are they going to give you the products and level of service you want?

Are they going to get to know your business and offer you a genuinely good deal for your needs, or just sell you whatever they sell the next business that calls?

We don’t think so.

Here at Jutel, we set ourselves apart from the competition, offering the perfect combination of affordability, bespoke services and superior support. So, here’s why working with us is a far smarter decision than working with O2, Vodafone, EE or Three…

Bespoke Business Tariffs

We know there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for your business mobiles. That’s why we tailor our services to your business including shared data, unlimited minutes, roaming and many other options, depending on your needs.

Some businesses require internal calls as standard, and while other contact methods are available – Facetime, Teams etc. – there are times when a proper call is needed, which is why we have an ‘International Caller’ bolt-on which we’ve seen save our clients up to 90% on their international calling!

Broad Network Availability

Working with us means you get to choose from all 4 major networks – O2, Vodafone, EE & Three – so you can be sure that we’ve got the coverage and services you need to stay connected.

Certain areas of the country aren’t as well-covered by some networks as others, so by offering all the options, you can be sure your staff can make and take calls from wherever they are.

And even if you take services from multiple providers, you’ll only get one bill from us each month, to make it easier on your financial team!

Book a call to discuss 5G in your area, and the best service for your business!

Effective Account Management

Bill-shock is one of the worst feelings and we do everything we can to prevent you from experiencing it! We deliver proactive, daily account management to flag, and automatically bar users who are incurring charges you’re not expecting.

Your Account Manager will also provide monthly account reviews on your business telecom fleet and recommend new ways to save money as we get to understand your operations and way of working. Our billing platform is ours too, meaning we know it inside-out and ensure your bills are 100% accurate before sending them out.

Superior Support

As a specialist business telecommunications provider, we are large enough to offer a high quality, bespoke experience, yet small enough to remain agile and responsive to your needs.

We don’t use call centres and calls are answered by our team, powered by people who know and care about your business. Plus, we’re always available out of hours for any immediate technical support.

What’s more, we know that without a device, your team can’t be productive, so we offer next-day delivery for hardware orders, no mater whether it’s a new device or a replacement for a faulty one!
So, if you have any immediate needs for 2022, or would like a second opinion on your bills with a view to cut costs, Jutel is the perfect partner for all your business mobile and telecoms needs!

Call us on 0333 00 69696 or email to start your journey to a bespoke mobile solution that offers more…